Sun 05 June 2016

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The 80 Best Boxers; A Career Viewer

A few years back, the Ring Magazine compiled a list of The 80 Best Boxers of the Last 80 Years.

This is a solid list, compiled by the definitive boxing authority. But it is fundamentally just..well, a list. Which is a bit boring. It got me thinking of ways to get a better feel for what these boxers' accomplished throughout the duration of their careers.

To do that, I created an app which allows us to see where in the world these 80 pugilists plied their trade. We can explore chronologically, or by their opponent's names, and see how the top guys wrecked shop all over the world. There are big 'W', 'L', or 'D' letters plotted directly on a zoomable map, to indicate what happened and where.

Here's a screenshot:


But you can click here to play with it yourself, which is a lot more fun than looking at my screenshots.

Speaking of screenshots, you can see below, that some fighters travelled all over the place. This is the career of the Old Mongoose himself, Archie Moore:

Archie Moore's career

Then we have guys like Rocky Marciano, who stuck pretty much to his own backyard during the duration of his short but undefeated career:

Rocky Marcian's career

Have a look at the app and play with it! Let me know what you think in the comments. I'd also appreciate a heads up on any bugs you might find.


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